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40 Years Shotokan Karate

Black & Brown Belt Course And Dan Grading February 7th 2016

Members of the club attended the first  black & brown belt course of the year. The course content was basic’s followed by Kata Kanku-Dia for the brown belts and Bassia-Sho for the black belts. Both Kata were taught in depth with many different  Bunkai (application of the moves).

Three junior members of Newport Shotokan Karate Club successfully graded for their junior 1st dan black belt  at a Shotokan of England black and brown belt course and grading on Sunday 7th February at the Medina Leisure Centre Newport Isle of Wight.

Bethan Stafford-Bower who is 12 and started training at the club in 2011 when she was 7, Tom Porter who is 11 and is one of the youngest on the island to achieve this grade also started training in 2011 when he was only 6 and Sam Porter who is 13 started training in 2009 when he was 7. After a 3 hour training session they had to perform in front of a grading panel. The grading consists of basic techniques (punching, striking, kicking and blocking) and combinations of any techniques, 2 Kata (set moves) and also Jiyu-Ippon kumite (Pre arrange fighting) and Jiyu kumite (free fighting) The S.E.K.U chief instruction Sensei Mick Dewey 8th dan said he was very impressed with the standard of all three. They has shown discipline and commitment and hours of training over the years to achieve this grade.

Other members that trained were Sensei's Malc & Mick, Cory Swinfield Jenson & Rocco Walsh, and Oliver Paynter-Jones

The Clubs New Dan Grades

Sam Porter, Bethan Stafford- Bower & Tom Porter