New Dan grade February 4th 2018

Congratulations to Rocco Walsh on successfully grading for his Sho-Dan (1st degree black belt) At the Shotokan of England Karate Union black/brown belt course on the Isle Of Wight.

The grading took place after 3 1/2 hours of training alongside many black belt SEKU members and under the instruction of Chief Instructor, Senseis Michael Dewey & Brian Smith.

The grading comprised of basic techniques and combinations, Kata's Heian Nidan, Heian Godan & Bassia Dai followed by Kumite ( free style sparring) and Jiyu Ippon (semi free style sparring).

Rocco began his training 6 years ago and trains under the expert guidance of club Sensei Malcolm Bradley (5th Dan) & Sensei Mick Lambert (4th Dan).

Rocco follows in his Brother Jenson's footsteps who is also a black belt and trains with him at the club.

Rocco says ' I am so pleased to have passed my black belt grading, I am very grateful to my Sensei's for all the hard work that they put into my training. I want to continue training and hopefully one day will be an 8th Dan like Sensei Dewey'

Club Members Who Trained At The BL/BR Course On The Island

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