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Dojo Address

St George’s School

Watergate Road


Isle Of Wight

PO30 1XW             MAP

Contact Numbers

Mick Lambert

01983 523677


Malc Bradley

01983 521206

07887518207         E-MAIL

Training Times

Tuesdays &Thursdays

All Grades    19:00 to 20:00 pm

Black/Brown 20:00 to 21:00 pm

First Four Sessions Free



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Shotokan Kata's

40 Years Shotokan Karate

Malc Bradley 5th Dan Shotokan Karate

Malc being an ex-Boxer decided at the age of 26 that he wanted to take up another sport. So he decided to take up Martial Arts and joined Newport Isle Of Wight Karate Club in 1976 The instructor at that time was Sensei Steve Allen who was a 2nd Dan. Malc trained twice a week for three months and took his first Grading in August 1996. The club at that time was member of the K.U.G.B whose chief instructor was Sensei Keinosuke Enoeda. Malc had trained under Sensei Enoeda and always came away from these sessions full of enthusiasm. The Grading's were taken by another K.U.G.B instructor Sensei Tomita, and again he came away full of inspiration and eager to keep training. In 1978 Sensei Allen emigrated and Malc started to teach at the club at this time he was a 3rd kyu Brown Belt. In October 1978 he graded for his 1st Kyu again under Sensei Tomita. Malc carried on instructing at the club and in March 1983 he graded for his 1st Dan (Black Belt) under Sensei Dewey who had the previous year formed a new organisation The South Of England Karate Union (S.E.K.U) Malc graded for his 2nd Dan in June 1985, his 3rd Dan in July 1988, 4th Dan in September 2008 and 5th Dan in June 2016. Over the years there have been many members from the club who have been successful in their various Black Belt Grading's with the help of Sensei Malc Bradley tuition. Malc has trained with many different instructors Sensei’s Mick Dewey, Mervyn O`Donnell, Dave Hazard, Brian Smith, Sensei’s Enoeda,Tomita, Kawasoe, and Sensei Mike Lambert from Goju-ryu. All these instructors are different ages, different abilities and have different attitudes, but all have one thing in common, and that is is to teach their particular Martial Art their way.


Mick Lambert 4th Dan Shotokan Karate

In 1974, when Mick was 19, he decided to do something to get fit and joined a Karate club at Carisbrooke high school. Sensei's Mick Dewey & Phil Elliot were instructing at the club and it was affiliated to the K.U.G.B (Karate Union Great Britain) On July 14th 1974 Mick entered his first grading under Sensei Tomita. In those days there were no orange or red belts (Obi) they were white with one red tag for 9th kyu and white with two red tags for 8th kyu. Also there was no Kihon Kata (Basic Forms) he had to perform Heian Shodan Kata for 9th & 8th Kyu, So the students were not classed as a coloured belt until they had graded at 7th Kyu (Yellow Belt). Mick did not do any more training for the next five years due to family commitments. In 1979 he decided to return to the club, The Sensei at this time was Dave March 1st Dan and Malc Bradley, who was a 1st Kyu, and assisting him. Mick soon got back into his training and on June 16th 1979 he graded for 8th Kyu at Sandown Karate club. Sensei Ernie Rudge, who had been training at the Carisbrooke club, had opened a club at Sandown and to keep the cost down they had grading's at alternative clubs. This was a good idea as students were always paired up with a member from the Sandown club for the grading. Sensei Tomita was still taking the grading's. Mick carried on training and grading every three months and achieved his 1st Kyu (Brown Belt) on 26th September 1981 again under Sensei Tomita. Mick was now helping Sensei Malc Bradley with the teaching at the club but at this time there was no Black belt at the club. But in March 1983 along with Sensei Malc they both graded successfully for their Sho-Dan (1st Degree Black Belt). Mick then graded for his Ni-Dan in June 1986, San-Dan in September 2008 & Yon-Dan in January 2017 Sensei Mick has also trained with many different instructors over the years and he has found that he can learn something different from all of them. He has been Secretary and Treasury of Newport Karate Club for the past 35 yrs.