Club Grading's

Grading's are typically held every three to four months and students are required to have regularly attended classes throughout the period and demonstrated an improvement in standard. The final decision on grading rests with the club instructors. Beginners should be training twice a week for three months before they can take their 9th kyu grading, with three month intervals between grading's up to 1st kyu, (In exceptional cases, a student may double-grade) nine months between 1st kyu and 1st Dan, two years between 1st and 2nd Dan, three years between 2nd and 3rd Dan, four years between 3rd and 4th Dan and five years between 4th and 5th Dan.

There is never a need to "chase grades" and race through the belts, as this devalues the grade held. A grade should always reflect the standard of the student - always better to be a standard above the belt you are wearing than be below it!

A pre grading will be held in the weeks leading up to a formal grading which will be be held similar to grading conditions - covering all the requirements of the relevant grading. Feedback will be provided along with a final decision to grade or not.

Grading (Exam) consists of basic techniques (punching, striking, kicking and blocking) and combinations of any techniques. They will also have to perform the Kata (set moves) for their relative grade, advance grades may have to perform 2 or 3 Kata's with Bunkai (application of the moves) They will then have to pair up with a partner and perform their Kumite (fighting) relative to their grade. (see training).

Listed below are the belt colours for their relative grade.

Juniors have a Mon-grade system which means they will grade twice for each kyu grade this is shown by a half coloured belt


Belt Colour


White belt

9th Mon

Orange belt White Stripe

9th Kyu

Orange belt

8th Mon

Red belt White Stripe

8th Kyu

Red belt

7th Mon

Yellow belt White Stripe

7th Kyu

Yellow belt

6th Mon

Green belt White Stripe

6th Kyu

Green belt

5th Kyu

Purple belt

4th Kyu

Purple belt with stripe

3rd Kyu

Brown belt

2nd Kyu

Brown belt with one stripe

1st Kyu

Brown belt with two stripes

1st Dan

Black belt (first level)

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